Société des traversiers du Québec

Société des traversiers du Québec
Did you know about it ?
  • It is highly recommended to drivers to make a reservation for the MataneÏ–Baie-Comeau–Godbout Ferry.  For all other ferries, be present 10 to 15 minutes before time of departure.
  • At the Québec-Lévis and Sorel-Tracy–Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola ferries, passengers pay their fare in cash. Payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Interac can be made at the Matane–Baie-Comeau–Godbout crossing.
  • The Société is an important employer in the regions where it operates a ferry service. Moreover, it contributes to the regional economy by the numerous goods it obtains locally to fulfill the different needs of the ships, terminals and ferries' offices.
  • The Société collaborates with the Sécurité civile du Québec during events that require citizens' mobility or the transport of goods.
  • The N. M. Félix-Antoine-Savard relieves the usual ferries undergoing repair, maintenance and inspection works.



Visit many tourist regions without retracing your steps aboard the Matane–Baie-Comeau–Godbout ferry.The crossing will give you a rest period while offering you a magnificent view over the St-Lawrence estuary for more than two hours. Restaurant and bar services as well as videos will enliven your crossing. The MV Camille-Marcoux, an icebreaker ferry with a capacity of 600 passengers and
126 vehicles, offers 4 to 6 daily departures all year round. Reservations for vehicles are necessary.

Contact us : 1 877 562-6560 ou 418 562-2500 (Matane)


Time :

Matane–Godbout : 2 h 10 Matane–Baie-Comeau : 2 h 20

Distance :

Matane–Godbout : 55.3 km Matane–Baie-Comeau : 62.1 km

Transportation of dangerous goods-Matane (pdf)


  • Snack-bar
  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Videos
  • Boutique (summer)
  • Children activities (summer)
  • Story teller animation (summer)


  • Only the drivers and groups of 15 passengers or more can reserve their crossing. Pedestrian passengers cannot reserve their crossing.
  • We accept reservations up to 90 days in advance and at the latest, 3 hours before the expected time of the ferry departure.  All reservations must be confirmed with a credit card.  Deposit fees will be immediately levied to guarantee your place.  When paying on board the vessel, these deposit fees will be credited to you.
  • Any person, driver or passenger having limitations, should inform us at the time of booking so that our attendants can assign them a parking spot on board facilitating their access to the passengers'lounge.
  • Any non-standard vehicle will require special authorization at the time of booking.
  • Any personal or commercial vehicle must be boarded with a driver who will be responsible for a single vehicle.  This driver must also do the crossing in order to be able to disembark the vehicle on the other coast.
  • Reservations cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another.
  • In the event of crossing cancellations, reservations for these departures will be automatically cancelled and the fees levied will be reimbursed.


Cancellation or modification of a reservation

 Automobile, snowmobile and motorcycle

  • A reservation must be cancelled by 3 p.m. at the latest on the day before the expected departure.
  • Penalty:  all reservations not having been modified or cancelled according to these terms  will incur a 20$ fee.

Vehicle of more than 6 m other than a car

  • A reservation must be cancelled by 3 p.m. at the latest on the day before the expected departure.
  • Penalty:  all reservations not having been modified or cancelled according to these terms will  incur a 75$ fee.


  • The vehicle described at the time of your reservation must be the one that presents at the ferry crossing for embarking.  In the ecase where additional equipment (trailer, luggage rack, bike rack, etc) was not mentioned at the time of booking, management will be forced to cancel your reservation.  
  •  Reservations are not transferable from one vehicle to another.
  • Each client has the responsibility to honour their reservation.
  • In the event of crossiing cancellations, reservations  for these departures are automatically cancelled.

Reservation Center, Matane

Opening hours : 7 days a week year: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Except from June 7 to September 7, 2012: 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. From September 8 to October 26, 2012 from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 418-562-2500

1-877-562-6560 (Toll free in United States and Canada)




Before embarking

  • For the driver of a car, motorcycle, snowmobile:  arrival period for your reservation to be valid:  at least 30 minutes before the expected departure time.
  • For the drive of a vehicle of more than 6 m in lenght:  at least 45 minutes before the expected departure time.
  • Prepare the personal effects that you will need during the crossing, because you will not have access to your vehicle during the crossing.
  • Push your side mirrors in yourself; the space on board is restricted.
  • Passengers, excluding drivers, are invited to use the pedestrian walkways to go directly frome the station to the passenger lounge level of the ferry.
  • Any personal or commercial vehicle must be boarded by a driver that will be rsponsible for a single vehicle. This driver must also do the crossing in order to be able to disembark the vehicle on the other coast.


  • Drivers and all their passengers are asked to rejoin their vehicle so as to not delay the unloading of the ferry.

Additional Information

Fees and schedules are subject to change without notice.

Fees are exempt of all taxes.
Additional crossings may be added to the schedule. Consult the section important: Nouvelles (news).
Recommendations for a pleasant and safe crossing.

  • Our ferries are accessible to people with limitations. Please advise our attendants upon your arrival at the ferry so they can assign you a place that will allow you to take advantage of the services offered on board.
  • Passengers traveling with a pet must place them in a cage. Somes cages in different sizes are available on board.
  • Please clear the stairs before the docking manoeuvres.

Automobiles, truck drivers

  • Upon embarking, wait for the green light or the attendant's instructions.
  • At all times, board the ferry at a reduced speed.
  • Always park in the place assigned to you by the seaman.
  • When your vehicle is parked, do not move it and activate the hand brake.
  • For better air quality on board and out of respect for the environment, please turn off your engine.
  • Do not leave anything in sight and lock the doors of your vehicle.
  • Be careful before opening your door and in moving between the vehicles.
  • When disembarking, wait for the directions of the seaman before entering the ramp.
  • On disembarking, please start your engine at the last minute.


  • At the dock, please keep your motorcycle in place.

  • Install the wheels on the front of your snowmobile in order to facilitate travel on the ferry and prevent damage to your vehicle.


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Information & Reservations : 418 562-2500
Toll free : 1 877 562-6560
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